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Guys-- what are your thoughts on girls approaching you?

My mother raised me with the belief that the man should always make the first move but I'm starting to have doubts.

I have been told repeatedly that I'm very intimidating to guys because of the way I look. I like to dress well. I wear heels a lot. I'm a girl who is fashion conscious and cares about how she looks. Appearances aside, the truth is I am very shy around guys (especially guys I like). I can never get guys to approach me. The ones on the street openly stare but they won't come up to me, you know what I mean?

I saw a guy today that I was really attracted to. I was out with friends for lunch and he was at the next table over. He had my favorite band's tee shirt and I nearly died. It's rare that I run into someone that has the same music taste as I do. I caught him staring at me multiple times and I stared right back. I contemplated trying to give him my number but that's so unlike me and I didn't want to come on too strong especially because he was a stranger. My group of friends (who were entirely oblivious to how I was trying to get close to this guy) decided to up and leave. I had to walk away. Now I am now having what I like to call "passers regrets." In someway I wish I had gotten his number or something. Small town living makes opportunities like that rare. I am so sorry for letting him slip through my fingers =(

What are your thoughts on women approaching men? Too forward? Scary? Ok?
Guys-- what are your thoughts on girls approaching you?
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