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Guy wants to be friends... but giving mixed signals

Short story: Dated this guy for a while. We weren't communicating well and he wanted something more causal. I came on too strong and he said that it turned him off. He said he wanted to be friends, but he wanted me in his life. We've been hanging out as friends and seeing each other at the gym. Sometimes he crosses the line of friend and more than friend by some of the things he says or wanting to cuddle when we watch films. His best friend is in town and he kept texting me saying he wanted me to meet the best friend. We all had dinner last night and it was all right. The guy treated me like one of the guys and he later admitted he considered me one of his best friends. He's a friend of mine, but I hardly consider him a close friend. We've only known each other for three months. Is this all a clear sign of him just wanting to be friends... or should I continue to back off and let him plan/do everything, even if we are "just friends"?
Guy wants to be friends... but giving mixed signals
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