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How do you handle a true player and keep your dignity??

I have been seeing this guy for a little while. Things have not gotten extremely serious yet. I started seeing some red flags in his behavior, and by that I mean dishonesty and major flirting with other girls. The weird thing is that he is insanely jealous and will send these horrible hateful text if he thinks that I even have another guy friend. He keeps up with my Facebook and even text me friends to see what I am doing and who with etc... It got so out of hand that I finally told him to leave me alone. Then he would come over apologize and cry etc...then if he saw me even talking to another guy at school he would freak out. It is totally bizarre. I have never cheated on anyone, nor would i. That is what is so crazy is that while he is so obsessed with being cheated on, he is the one who has been cheating. Well he told me a week ago he loved me and missed us etc, Then he told me that he had been thinking and that he was sorry and that he wanted to see me. I had plans so I told him maybe tomorrow. He flipped out. Well last night any text me and when I did not reply right away sent a couple of mean text. Well then after I got home I replied a casual "hey, what's up?" then he said " I'm busy, like you were".. I am like shocked at how immature he is. so I ignored his immaturity and acted very normal. So today he text me and was somewhat jerky. Then some friends and I ran into him at the mall, only to find out from my friends that he is a thing again with his ex!

he told me 2 days ago, he had not moved on! he told me a week ago that he loved me, and called me crying 2 nights ago wanting to see me. Could someone please explain what the heck is this guys problem, besides the obvious. And my next question is do I confront...again? or ignore him completely! We are going to be at the same place for new years. do I let him know that I know about his ex, or do I just stay quiet and see what happens.
How do you handle a true player and keep your dignity??
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