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Is this a big mistake, or a good chance?

Okay, so I'm back home for winter break from college. Went back to work at my old job and met this cute girl. I'm really attracted to her, and I make her smile all day long. She just hit a snag with a lying guy, and I just got done with a lying girl. I think we would be good with and for each other, because we are both very honest. I've only known her for this past month but I feel close to her. I think I will try to go out with her, but I'm afraid of rejection, making work awkward, and being just a friend she goes to for this kind of advice. I've gone from hitting on a lot of girls to being their relationship advice guides and never getting to try dating them. I think this is my chance, but should I go for it?
Is this a big mistake, or a good chance?
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