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Trying to have confidence but still cannot get a girl?

Okay there are times when a brush of confidence comes from out of nowhere. Then after a little brief moment it just disappears again. In general I am told that I am not a confident person. There will be times where I will say or do something and it will be right. Then the vast majority of the time I don't have a clue of what to do or say (I tend to be the idiot that says things first and think about it later.). So you can imagine when I get nervous I either talk to fast or to low for people understand.

Anyways the question is for us shy guys, how can we be confident when we have no idea of what it even takes to get a girl or even get a girls attention. There are a lot of times when a girl might say something and/or look at me a certain way I wouldn't think much of it (just her being friendly), and then when I realize hey I think she was trying to flirt with me or get my attention it is too late. Even with confidence being dense like I am most of the time it is very difficult to actually sit there during an interaction with a girl I like and try to actually pick up on her subtle signs that might scream out hey I like you, try harder, or get away from me. I don't really pick up on these things until a girl might just be like "No leave me alone," until it reaches that point most of the time I keep going.

But the question what actually goes into getting the girl you like? In terms of how much contact, making conversation (creating a connection), breaking the touch barrier such as kissing, holding hands (for this also explain the right time, since I am still inexperienced at my old age. I know at 26 I should know all of this) and actually getting to the place I want to be?
Trying to have confidence but still cannot get a girl?
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