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Dealing with feelings for my ex.

Short back story, my ex and I broke up a year and a half ago on good terms because after collage or jobs moved us away from each other she wasn't my first girlfriend or my longest but was the first/only girl I've had sex with. Since her I've not really even dated (not cause not trying just location of living is not best for meeting people. So my ex and I ended up at the same party together the other night and for most of the night we were able to have fun without any issues. Then out of know where when she was dancing with another guy and the couples we were with reminded me of how her and I use to dance when we dated. Now I don't necessarily want to date her again but I did find that I was extremely jealous of her and others for having/being with someone else. I'm supposed to go to a new years party with her that I can't cancel cause I paid money already and I need tips on dealing with these feelings so I don't get hit by them again. So how do I kill the bug that is jealousy?
Dealing with feelings for my ex.
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