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Seeking Advice and Help on a Girl that I love.

Hi Everyone out there,

I'm Marcus and I am here cause my friends can't answer my question, so I hope you guys can help me with my problem..


I have known this girl for about 3 weeks now. She has just ended a relationship like 2 weeks back. I got to know her from a friend. On the early stage, I used the clingy guy approach to get to her. I text her like everyday, skpe and so on. We had 3 dates and I can conclude that she is comfortable when I am around. I just know it that she likes me. The reason is that she leans on me, laugh at my lame jokes,looks away(with shyness) when I stare at her eyes,acts real loud and out of the ordinary for my attention. She was teasing me "Hi Brother" on our 3rd date, and I gave her a kiss. To assure her that I liked her. The kiss made her smile.

Problem :

Her ex-bf called her friend and kept pestering her for her number.

She got emotional and in the car, she told me that inside she is vulnerable but on the outside she may look fine.

So I send her back after that, I tried to be a gentleman and told her this :

I know that you are vulnerable now, and that is why I think I should not take advantage of you. She replies that she is not ready for a relationship also(phobia of love). and tells me if it is okay to remains as friends forever.( I definitely know that I am not in the friend zone). After I told her that is that what you really want? She replies yes and I just say OK fine with me good night. She then suggest me that we should know each other for awhile first and commenting that she dislike my smoking behavior.(giving me a ray of hope or some sort).

Question :

1. what should I do? is she playing me? or is she just using me as a rebound.

2.Does she really like me ?

3.did I aggravate her sudden FRIENDS FOREVER by being the gentleman?

4.If I continue in this chase, should I start making her jealous?

5.Can I still ask her out for dates without romantic gestures?(hugs, kiss , holding hands)

That is all, I hope someone can attend to my situation as this thing is making me miserable for the past few days. I don't know what to do.
Seeking Advice and Help on a Girl that I love.
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