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Does he still like me?

So I met this guy through somewhat of a weird situation... anyway we talked, a lot, and I got a crush on him. Well we started talking on Facebook, our only way of communicating, and we would talk every day for hours, for about a month. Well after a few days he told me he liked me. I told him I like him too, because, well, I do. He was a little uncomfortable with it because he's older than me. By a few years. Anyway before he told me that we flirted, a LOT. After, not so much. It's been a few months and we still talk, but not as much. For the first few weeks or so, he would start a conversation with me every day, and then he sorta stopped, and then if I wanted to talk to him I started the conversations. Well it seemed like he didn't like me anymore, but every so often he would say something that would make it seem like he did still like me- like he would tell me I'm cute or something. But what's really bothering me is that he's said absolutely nothing about us hanging out. We haven't seen each other in a few months, actually. Does the fact that he's made no effort to actually see me mean he doesn't actually care? And if he doesn't, then why does he still flirt?
Does he still like me?
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