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Why do guys have to play hot and cold?

one night you see them at a local hangout place - they're giddy and happy to see you...the next night, they pretend like you're not there. Don't even glance your way. And they DID see you walk in and was smiling..only 4 people in the room AND they watched me come in. I sat by myself thinking "whatever!" as a girl that likes him saw it as a sign to flirt with him more. At one point he got up and went to the bathroom, smiling. Then he got up and meddled with something by me. The second situation, I looked up from my phone and he smiled and pointed at me (and kept pointing at me) as he walked back to his seat and said "what's up!' and I said smiling"well hello, just a drive by, huh?" He didn't say anything just smiled really big and just kept walking. We know each other very well and he is usually shy and stuff but normally talkative with me and no one was in there. Just a few people that we both knew. Why couldn't he just come and say HI. or I don't know...COME SIT BY ME! He occasionally looked at me after that. I even caught him dancing in his seat looking at me and I couldn't help but smile and look away Because I was mad at myself for doing so and shy too (damn it! why can't I stay mad!) Nice enough though, he was smiling too. But still no conversation between us. No text, nothing. (yes, we randomly text and play fight when we are in the same damn room!)

I don't know why but I was all flustered about this tonight so I just got up and left. It's like he KNOWS that this drives me crazy!

Why do guys have to play hot and cold?
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