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Should I make a move on this Guy? And how?

So, this guy and I have been friends for a very long time. We made out drunk once, but I didn't think much of it. We've been out together after the drunken kiss and it was pretty platonic although he seemed quiet and pensive. Well new years eve we were at the same party and I was talking to another guy friend of mine and he was glaring at us pretty hard. My best friend later told me he was "mean muggin" the crap out of that guy... Well midnight rolls around and he comes up to me and says "its new years" and I said "yep" and he spun me around and kissed me. This turned into a pretty nice makeout session. Well I asked him if he remembered it the next day and he said yes and he was glad I went. We have been texting everyday. Do you think he wants to date me? I really like him and I'm afraid to make a move. Should I? More importantly, how would I? I've never had to be the agressor so any advice on If I should or how would be appreciated. Thanks.
Should I make a move on this Guy? And how?
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