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Why hasn't he said he loves me?

We have been together since July 2011. I recently (in the last week) confessed that I love him. He acts very affectionate, but does not say it back.

Whenever I say I love you, he pulls me in closer, holds me tights, kisses me all over my face, squeezes my hand, tells me how beautiful I am. I always get extra affection when I say it.

Yet, he hasn't said it back. I am not sure if he is scared because of his last relationship, or if he doesn't believe I really love him because I am 4 years younger and don't "know what love is" because I am younger. Maybe he just doesn't love me back, I don't know.

Today, I talked to him about maybe getting an apartment together when his room mate leaves in 6 months. I said "I know this question will freak you out a little because your past experience, but after your roommate leaves would you consider getting a one bedroom apartment with me? It would save both of us some money." He said "I'd consider it"

Can some guy please tell me the things that he may be thinking?
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He also plans on taking me to meet his family, they live in another state.
Why hasn't he said he loves me?
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