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What to do after revealing your feelings and being rejected by a 'friend'?

Me and this girl who was a friend went out for a bit after she broke up with her boyfriend but then she realized she wasn't ready for anything so she stopped it. A few months later we start talking again and it seems everything is going fine. We even talk about visiting each other and stuff. After 3months of talking, this leads up to a day when we were going to see a movie but she got sick a couple days before and wasn't feeling the best the day of (she really did get sick). I offered to bring her a movie and she said she'd like that, but then later she said she didn't want me to risk coming over and getting sick. I said it was fine but she insisted so I told her it was okay, we could just reschedule.

I then tell her that I just wanted to do something special for her because she was sick but no response. Few days later I ask how she's doing but don't get a response. Then 3 days later I text her saying I'm sorry if I upset her, I just wanted to help out. A day later she responds saying it's okay she's just trying not to lead me on at all. This takes me on by surprise because it was just such a stupid simple thing yet she freaked out.

I told her that it was fine but now I'm wondering if she's just not interested, bad timing, or something else. She said at first it was really bad timing but then I didn't give her the space she needed when she said she wasn't ready for anything. After she told me that by the way, I only texted her a couple times a week and asked about plans that we'd made weeks in advance. This was 6 months ago too. Anyway, I told her that I was sorry for that, I'd realized I over reacted and that it'd been awhile since I'd had feelings for someone like I did for her. I also said I was over it for the most part until recently I realized I still have feelings. I also say I just want to see her happy and want the chance to be the one to make her happy...basically I was completely honest...good or bad, that's how I felt and I came clean.

She says that she probably does just need some space right now and that I'm a great guy and a really good friend and that someday I'm going to make some girl really happy. I told her I'll give her space til she feels better and I sort my feelings out, and I'd rather have her in my life as a good friend than not at all. I also say if she needs something, feel free to ask. All she says in return is "thanks".

Well now, I just want to make sure I did the right thing...I mean I was upfront and honest but maybe I just completely ruined it by admitting all my feelings and telling her I at least wanted to be friends. I know this is typical 'nice guy' but I can't help it, that's who I am. I'm not sure now if I'll ever hear from her again or if she's just completely turned off by me. Then again what she did wasn't really the nicest thing and I feel like she sorta played me and then became a bit immature by not saying how she really felt. Anyways, what are your thoughts on my situation?
What to do after revealing your feelings and being rejected by a 'friend'?
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