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How do I get back in contact with my ex?

I have spent a long time healing, and generally trying to make myself feel better, relax, learning to enjoy myself, spending time with friends, all the things you start to do after a break up. And, throughout all of this, I didn't speak to my ex. I still love him very much, I don't know his feelings towards me, but I think I want to try speaking to him again...

I will admit, I did delete him from Facebook, I did delete him from MSN but that was because I was in so much pain. I didn't want to see him move on.

He says to people that he hasn't dated anybody since me, although a lot of people think he has been seeing someone. From what I can gather, they aren't really seeing each other anymore - they work together but I don't think they spend much time together anymore.

I was wondering about re-adding him on Facebook with a note like "New year, new start?" but I wonder if this will just be disregarded.

Does anyone have any ideas of how I can get back in contact with him? What is the best way? A way that he will actually respond to and not disregard? Extra note, we haven't spoken since August...
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So, quick update, I decided after calling a couple of friends and talking it through and thinking about everything and talking it out that I wanted to add him. So, I added him last night, I didn't include a message or anything, but I decided that I wanted to be on speaking terms with him if nothing else. And this way I can find out if he wants to speak to me or not. It's not fun diving into alleyways out of fear!

I'll let you know if he accepts/rejects. Thank you for the advice and the help!
How do I get back in contact with my ex?
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