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Guys Never Notice Me??

OK, so when ever I'm at the mall or any other public place(school,party,city etc) with my best friends, whether its just me and her, or me and a group of girls, guys never pay attention to me. My friends tell me I'm a DIVA(in a GOOD way though, not a bad way) and they say I'm pretty, nice, and funny. but I think their just saying that to make me feel good. Now, I know I'm not butt *** ugly, but, lets put it this way, I'm not ugly, but I'm not all that attractive. Now, when I'm at those places, when guys come up to us, they never talk to me, they only talk to my friend. I'm not weird or anything, and I do dress very nice, I guess I just don't have the face or body to match it I guess. Plus, I'm not the most OUTGOING person in the world. I'm somewhat shy and I don't always know how to start the conversation, (which my friends by the way have NO problem doing) and actually KEEP it going. Anyways, for example, when me and my friend/s walk past cute guys, I sometimes stare at them to see who they are looking at, and I always see them staring at my friends.Sometimes I see them staring at their face, or just looking them up and down, but most of the time, I see them staring at their butts Because they have big butts. And their not fat or anything either, their just really big in the back. And I'm kinda on the skinny side. My butt isn't flat, its got a really good shape to it, its just really small :(.

So please help me, I wanna know how I can get attention from guys too, AND be more outgoing like my friends :(
Guys Never Notice Me??
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