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My New Year's Resolution in 2012 is to give up on love and women, For money and power am I wrong?

My new year's resolution in 2012 is to give up on women and love... Making money and gaining power will always come first from now on... ?

So, I decided on a New Year's resolution in 2012 that after being single for almost 12 years (30 years old in a few day's) is that I'm giving up on love and women... What I mean by that is I'm giving up on getting into relationships /being married (Still going get my rocks off by doing it causal on niter).. I have a 9 - 5 job that I work, find myself in a level of a 8 in cuteness and yet I've been single for the past 14 years of my life (meaning 16 - 30 age range when love means something).. .. I've been frustrated with dating, getting into relationships with women because when I tell them I like them I reeve either the phrase of "I like you like a brother" or "I'm just a nice guy"... Now I'm to the point that I'm going be 30 and if love isn't in the question then I'm done with women and relationships.. my life is to chase money and power, focusing on gaining the respect t later...

It's 2012, if women want to date d***'s, jerks, players and a**holes then go right ahead... Yeah I know out all the so called (I would call them that though I'm saying) slut's, bitches and whore... There are few good girls in the world though it's rare since they are already taken . At this day and age, 98 times out of 100, guys women prefer are immature, impulsive, players, out for one thing, has emotional issues, and sooner or later, the relationship comes to an end (Also, might have to go paying child support). Typical... This is considered the bad guy a woman is looking for... I see that women like the excitement of dating a**holes, having jerk like tendencies, treat them like sh*t, sometimes abuse them and make them cry type guy's. These are the exact same women that will say I'm trying to change him or when the relationship is over goes back to get the guy she rejected making them sloppy seconds, thirds...Etc

It's in my mind too late for love in my eyes now, so money, power and gaining the respect comes first from now on... Look do I change to be a a**hole, be in between a a**hole / nice guy or don't change.. I'm too the point I don't care no more... Can't even find true love anyone since it's a rare commodity in this day age... An if you do, just be prepared to know it won't last because most women will get everything in relationships that don't work... I could honestly go f*** love, f*** women, f*** marriage... Just get money and power with the respect to come later... Though I'm a nice guy that will never curse out a girl or disrespect them...

My New Year's Resolution in 2012 is to give up on love and women, For money and power am I wrong?
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