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"I only like you" YEA RIGHT!!

OK this is the story. For a couple weeks I got to start to know this really sweet guy on my bus. And we started to text each other and he said he liked me. I told him I kind of like him because I mean I just got over this one guy that I liked for 2 years and it's hard to move on so quickly. Eventually though after a couple days I finally decided to give it another go and told him I really did like him. And we started to wear matching bracelets. But then there was this time I was walking down the hall and hear a girl say that he asked her out. I asked him about it and he said that I was the only one he liked. So I believed him. But then at a home bball game this girl asks me if I like him and he like me I say ya and she says well same with me and that girl and that girl. I was shocked and by the end of the game she says to me you can have him! I decided not to ask him about it this time I mean he can't date yet anyway he has high standards (he's only 15 and your supposed to be 16 when you date) or so I thought... By New Years Eve there was this activity/dance that our church put on an at the beginning we talked and stuff but at the end he was holding the girl that said "you can have him!"'s hand! So now I haven't rode the bus in a week haven't talked to him in a week so... What do you think I should do? Advice? What is he thinking guys? You know better than me.
"I only like you" YEA RIGHT!!
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