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Contiue to ignore her?

We have had a flirty on-off type of relationship. Reason it never went further, I would guess, is because she had a long-term boyfriend. When her boyfriend dumped her, she became even flirtier; however, when I wanted to date her, she didn't want to. After that, we've barely spoken. It's been about three months.

I want to forget about her; at the same time there a couple things holding me back. One, I still feel that spark/tension whenever we're around each other. Two, it just feels like it wasn't the right timing before, having been dumped, and maybe it's better timing now or in the future.

However a couple things against this: one, after she stopped talking to me, she started talking to another guy. Even though she isn't flirting with him like she did with me, she's talked to him a lot. two, when we're at the same parties, we don't even talk, and when my friend leaves, she'll give him a hug, but when I have to go, there's no acknowledgment on her side.

She did call me once, about a two months ago, which I ignored. The reason I did this is because just before that, we crossed paths in the hall and she acted all innocent, saying she hadn't seen me in a long time, blah blah blah, which is bull considering we're in the same class. She's seen me plenty of times. I just told her that things have been busy and kept walking.

We're going back to school from vacation and I want to know how to handle this situation. I know that if I cut ties with her for good, just not think about her, etc., then it'll be better for me because I won't be emotionally invested. However, easier said than done since she's in my classes.
Contiue to ignore her?
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