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Thanks for the experience, I appreciate everything.

dWhen I first started G.A.G I knew nothing. I was just an innocent self centered brat. I never knew that in one website I could learn so many things. I got a glimpse of reality from this website.

I talked with molesters...

I talked with people in critical conditions.

I talked to real transvestites.

I talked to racists.

I actually talk with a really stupid person.

I talked with an ignorant person.

I learned about fetishes.

I learned about what an extreme want for sex can make people do.

I learned what a "Troll" was.

I learned what an "Attention Whore" was.

I got to meet people crazier than me.

I got to meet people who hated me.

I got into internet arguements from here.

I met rich people here.

I met poor people here.

I talked someone into suicide here.

I talked someone out of suicide here.

I learned about extreme stereotypes.

I learned about why life is so confusing.

I learned why relationships are complicated.

I learned why people are close minded.

I learned why girls and guys are confused about each other.

I learned I wasn't stupid.

I learned I was naive.

I learned about love.

I learned to listen not just talk.

I learned a lot of things...

Most importantly...I learned this website is full of sh*t, not in a bad way. A good way. I am taking a break from this website. A really long one. I was going to delete my account. But, I'll stay here for the wonderful people I met.

Thank you all.

In case my question gets deleted..It probably will, I just wanted to say...Thanks again anyways.


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G.A.G put this in sexuality. Priceless. -_-
Thanks for the experience, I appreciate everything.
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