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I was WAY TOO INTENSE and scared the crap out of him! How do I fix things?

We are both 17, and I'm quite sure that we like each other. However, we are not an official couple yet. We've known each other for just over a month, and he invited me out to coffee a couple weeks ago-- which he extended into dinner and a walk! I think he tried to give me a peck on the cheek at the end of the night, but I accidentally dodged it by hugging him.

We live about an hour away so unless we plan a meet-up, our main form of communication is via Facebook. We usually send a message, and a poke. I've been replying to his messages the day I receive them, but occasionally he would skip a day before replying and I would feel like I'm acting too obsessed. Each of our messages are the length of an e-mail, and...

RECENTLY, I teased him how he must crave my company and won't be able to stand not to see me for a week. He teased me back and said that I was the one who needed his company. I responded admitting that "Your statement regarding to my enjoyment of your company is quite reasonable! I actually enjoy spending time with you! I can only assume that you too enjoy my mine. ;)" He hasn't replied for a couple days and I'm KNOW I freaked him out. All he did was POKE me back- what's that supposed to mean?

Prior to my mistake, we had planned an outing for next week.

I'm pretty sure I just SCARED THE CRAP out of him, and I really regret sending that message. Did I just lose him? :/ What do I do?
I was WAY TOO INTENSE and scared the crap out of him! How do I fix things?
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