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Taking a break: is he just being nice saying he wants to be with me after?

summary: dated guy a couple of months. after last date guy had tough week of work. we didn't talk a lot on the phone anyway between dates but that week besides one text exchange that I initiated, I didn't hear from him at all. I kind of freaked out Because I thought if he had time to sleep with me before his tough week he had time to just call once to touch base. anyway, I ended up sending him a text telling him off. and then didn't hear from him. figured he blew me off and accepted that. then he texted me all of a sudden two weeks later and he made it sound as though he was still interested but timing was bad? maybe he was just feeling bad and wanted to be nice? here's the exchange:

him: hey just wanted to apologize for blowing you off like that. you are a great girl and I had feelings for you but I am wrapped up in a horrible custody fight and things got overwhelming for me. I didn't mean to ignore you but had a hectic couple of weeks and then kinda freaked out when you texted me and just walked away. I'm sorry how I handled things. you aren't the type of girl who deserves that. I hope you can at least understand the tough place I'm in right now and maybe I need to just focus on the legal stuff before I get back out there.

me: [summary: I noted I felt bad for being so angry in text but figured he blew me off but said I shld have handled it better and that I apologized as well]

him: yeah I am really sorry I'm the one that was wrong how I handled it. I'm just so stressed lately and mad, but it has nothing to do with u. I am just spread too thin with time and I'm trying to focus on seeing my son. I need to make that my priority right now.

me [summary: said I wished him luck he was a terrific dad and that if he ever felt like chatting with the girl who kicked his ass at bowling he had my #]

him: I will and you are a great girl that id like to keep seeing but I just need to get my sons visits set up first. [then makes fun of my bowling skills]

me: [summary: I said I totally understood his position]

him: thx for not hating me. after this is over I'll give you a buzz...u don't have to pick up I'll understand.

me: cool. I kinda think odds are in your favor that I'll pick up tho.

him: so you don't hate me as much as I thought? nice.

me: [summary: said no of course I didn't. ]

and that's it. that was right before xmas. still haven't heard from him and am wondering maybe he was just being nice/feeling guilty? I mean I get it takes a while to get custody stuff done. but just not sure what to think about what he wrote me.
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wasn't even two full months of dating...was like 6 weeks really so I'm not saying we were super serious or anything like that...just wanted to make that clear.
Taking a break: is he just being nice saying he wants to be with me after?
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