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Is she ignoring me because I'm living abroad?

Can´t believe I´m here posting this but I´m really confused. Please bear with me, didn't know where to put this.

So I met this girl, that went to the same school as me for a couple of years, at a club last summer. We ended up sleeping together that night pretty randomly. OK thought nothing of it just seemed like a one time thing and she felt the same probably. We starting chatting a couple days afterward though mainly about plan b since the protection fell off(Yes we were drunk) and also other things. She said that she didn't like using the Facebook chat and said that I was the winner for chatting with her the longest.

We met at the same club the following weekend, I was surprised that she was there because she usually didn´t party there and so the same thing happened again we slept together.

Now for all the complications haha. First of all I dated her best friend a couple years ago, barely dated her though. We were at least interested in each other, I gave the cold shoulder by not talking to her which I really regret doing(because it was rude).

Also, when I slept with her the first night I told her I would be moving away 10 days from now for about 6 months. She seemed pretty sad and squeezed my arm.

sleeping together wasn´t great for neither of us I think, because of the alcohol. She asked me twice before I left if I would like to meet her(the settings were not for a booty call I think). As I was moving away in a couple of days and the short notice she gave me I didn´t have time to meet her but told her I would like to but I have to do this, this and that.

We chatted once or twice while I was away last fall and she seemed distant and not like she wanted to chat so I stopped trying. Also a big time difference.

So I came back for the holidays and sent her a fb message, a text(looked like a booty call) and called her once over a 2 week period. She didn't respond to anything, wtf? Why not just say yes or no? I would of also thought that she would block me on the Facebook chat since she is ignoring me but she still appears online.

So my thoughts:

1) She just wanted to have sex which I find hard to believe because she is really inexperienced and does not sleep around (she is the nice girl compared to her friends). I know she liked me a few years back.

2) Just not interested which I find also hard to believe, she showed a lot of interest before I left.

3) She doesn´t want to fall for a guy who is leaving? Pff hope this would be it, but then she would of talked to me when I came home for the holidays, right?

4) Found another guy. OK this one is okay for me if its true, why can´t she just let me know?

Btw we are both 23. I´m moving back home in 3 months. what's driving me crazy is that she didn't answer, now I don't know whether to back off or try again?

Thanks for reading!
Is she ignoring me because I'm living abroad?
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