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How can I get her off my mind?

I have known this girl for two years & I have had a crush on her for the past year. The thing is, I am a 19, almost 20 year old guy who is a freshman in college, while she is a 16 year old sophomore in high school. My intentions for her were always pure & I never would want anything sexual with her until she turned of age & would never hurt her. I have never felt this way about a girl before but I'm realizing that I probably should just let her go. I haven't talked to her since September and she was super sweet to me then. I'm really afraid that she's too young for me & I don't want her to get harassed at school if I asked her out. This might be strange, but I've really been hoping that a nice guy that is around her age will ask her out & be a good boyfriend for her because she really deserves the best & knowing that she was in a good relationship would really make me happy. I know that I am too old for her, so how can I get her off of my mind and get over my crush on her? I'm contemplating deleting her as a Facebook friend so I won't be able to view her profile. I really appreciate your advice!
How can I get her off my mind?
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