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I think I may still have feelings for my ex. Can you help?

Me and my ex split up a few months back, it was his doing as he didn't want to commit basically. We tried the friends thing and basically got into sleeping with each other on a regular basis. I think I still may have feelings for him possibly. The previous weekend we had a lovely time, chatted, we had dinner, etc. Then this other time we did the same but he said that he needed to have a chat and that things hadn't changed and that he didn't want to be in a relationship with me or anyone, I said did he think he could do better and he said no just different but he wasn't looking for anyone. He said if I wanted to find a man to commit I would find someone, I said to him you too, he said you would be there? not sure what he meant by that. Basically he said he found me attractive and still likes my company and I said I thought he would have met someone he said if I did I wouldn't be here. Felt hurt by that answer but he said that we would always be friends if either of us met someone. From the start I didn't want us to go down this route but now we have I don't know what to do, he said the next day it might be better if we give each other some distance as were not in a relationship as I asked if he fancied doing something that day. Then he said call me and we parted. I sent him a Facebook message which he didn't respond to but besides that we haven't spoken since.
I think I may still have feelings for my ex. Can you help?
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