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Any way to break awkward ice? GIRLS?

I'm still stuck on trying to get the same girl I've been trying to get for the past 7 months... Yea I know, that's really long. I've talked to her before, but we haven't said much more than 'Hi, how are you?'

I was just wondering if any girls have any advice on how to break the ice. Also I was wondering if she is even interested in me at all or if she wants nothing to do with me. She seems to avoid eye contact (when we're close to each other), but she will still say hi. If you weren't interested, but you know the guy was, would you ignore him to let him know? Or would you still be polite towards him at the risk of him developing more of a crush on you over time and flirting w you and possibly asking you out?
Any way to break awkward ice? GIRLS?
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