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Did I make a huge mistake? Help! I feel stupid...

I know it's long, but just please read :)

So I just went on vacation and on the plane out there I sat next to this super hot girl. I started a convo with her and she seemed to respond really well. Like she was joking around with me, touching, laughing, smiling, tons of hair touching. When I say touching I mean like purposeful touching, not just because we are sitting close. It turned out she is a model for GAP and is next in line to get into the Olympics for swimming.

During the flight she was touchy, and my leg was def on my side and she had hers resting on mine for at least 5 minutes. I know it's a plane so it's close quarters but she didn't have to keep it there. Then we were looking out the window and when she looked out she would kinda rest on me(like her shoulder/body would be touching me strongly...not just brushing up against me).

During the flight she was talking about how she got back from a 3 week vacation to France with her boyfriend. She was talking about sex a ton...like "it was great" and other stuff. We talked for the entire flight. She started listening to music but she would glance over and smile or look at me and start talking. If she didn't like talking to me she easily could have just listened to music and stopped communication. Then she was talking about sex again and said "yea you imagine that" when talking about having a ton of sex. wtf...

Well at the end of the flight I was going to ask for her number even though we live across the country and she has a boyfriend BUT then at the end of the flight when we were walking to baggage claim she didn't turn around to talk to me or even look at me. I asked her a question but she didn't flirt after we got off the plane.

Now the questions:

I just let her go and didn't push the issue. Did I make a huge mistake? I just felt like because we don't live close nothing would have happened between us but idk. Talk me through this. Did I screw up, does it matter either way, or what? Was she actually flirting and wanting me to make a move even though she didn't talk after she got off the plane or was she just talking because we were next to each other? Just what do you guys think? was it fine that I just let it go? thx
Did I make a huge mistake? Help! I feel stupid...
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