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What is going on with him? he's so confusing!!

hi don't know if anyone can help me, I'm so confused with this guy where I work , I kinda no a little bit about him like he has a fiancee and a baby with her, but when I first started working there he never used to stay late but as time goes on he always stays late I could be reading this all wrong but I'm just so interested to know, he never asks about my personal life he knows I'm with someone but we have the same taste in music and will sometimes ask me about the music, when I see him he will always looks at me in the eyes but sometimes walks past me like I'm not even there and then other times he will say hi and stuff, but he won't go out his way to find me to speak to me, but just all the little things he says and does sometimes its so mixed! but its like when I lost a loved one he come up to me and gave me a hug he did hesitate a little at first but I was in the middle of speaking to someone when he done that, but he dint say anything even when I seen him later that day he dint say anything to me so its weird and he will try to act like a big man when he's around other people when I'm there, sometimes he gets funny if I'm having a laugh with a guy or when he has seen me hug a guy he seems to be jealous am I going crazy or is there something there? any guys know why he's doing these things?
What is going on with him? he's so confusing!!
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