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Is he playing hard to get?

A guy I know teases me like mad, we "play argue" , he'll ignore other girls in front of me and just turn back to me to tease me, we'll stare at each other or make faces, at times we even wrestle around. He'll even poke at me or I'll poke him.

He does NOT text me, I'm always the texter. Sometimes he responds, sometimes he doesn't. There are some days that he won't even come sit near me and will flirt with another girl BUT look at me after every time he and she will *only one girl that he does this with*. Each and every time, like he wants to see my reaction? If I ignore it , their teasing seems to die down but he'll end up leaving the room only saying bye to her.

I tried to give him a taste of his own medicine by flirting with another guy and he was NOT happy. He ended up flirting w me more and even texting me and "play fighting" with me. He usually always watches me when another guy flirts with me. He's shy so it was pretty darn amazing to see him get up and go flirt with someone girl after I do one time. he kept looking at me when he did.

Is he playing hard to get? Is he just upset that I'm not giving him attention? We're not kids in any way so it's a bit bizarre to be acting like this.

Is he playing hard to get?
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