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What's up with this guy?

I've gone on a date with this guy twice in the span of a month. I really like him and he is a nice guy but sometimes I feel like he isn't that into me. We went out on a date last Thursday and he hasn't called or texted me since then. He will go usually a week or something w/out contacting me and then he will send me a text asking me how I'm doing and stuff, and he never really tries to ask me out or anything.

One time I was drunk and texted him and told him that I really liked him, and he said "I do too." Also, he calls me "babe" and stuff and he is always hugging me and doing flirty things when we actually do hang out. I just feel like he isn't that eager to spend time with me because he only invites me to do stuff once every other week, and it seems like he doesn't put in that much effort. What do you think?

What's up with this guy?
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