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He was afraid I was mad at him, but he was surprised that I was not...

So I have often wondered what do guys think when they think that the woman they are dating may be mad at them.

In my case this is what happened?

He has been wroking later hours post the holidays and got stuck working on a day that I had invited him and his cousin for dinner. One thing to the next and they never were able to make it. I sent him a text asking him if he could stop by after he was done and pick up the food. I didn't get a response. So I didnt' text again. A whole day and half goes by and he calls me.

He seemed a little sheepish. He tells me " I thought you were mad?" I told him no, why , he got stuck working I was disappointed and since he didn't answer I figure either he was busy or was bothered by my last text, but that I figured he would shoe up sooner or later.

I could actually hear the sigh of relief in his voice. Truth be told, I was a bit upset, because I was looking forward to having them over and had gone through the trouble. But I just didn't see the point in getting pissy about it with him over something that can be done another day.

So what does go through a man's head when he thinks that he has made a woman mad? and does that fact that he casre wether or not she is indicate more than just "I like you feelings".

Last...men...what do you think did I hadle this well?
He was afraid I was mad at him, but he was surprised that I was not...
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