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What's going on with him?

So my best guy friend and I went out with a group of friends for New Years Eve and that's when things got beyond confusing. We've known each other for a little over a year now, and he's friends with my older brother as well. Quite a while back he and my brother had a conversation, that he doesn't know I know about, where he said that I was perfect for him, but he just wasn't physically attracted. Since then I've lost like 50 pounds and we hang out all the time. New Years Eve he got drunk and another friend and I were the dd's. Anyways, he started to get really clingy, and would interrupt any conversation I tried having with a guy outside our group. I had planned on dismissing it all to him being drunk. I know they say that drunkenness brings truth, and although I agree, he'd never admit or do anything sober so I didn't see the point in ruining out friendship over it. Despite my ignoring it and letting it go, he's been pretty much ignoring me ever since. I've only talked to him a couple times since then and every time it's been very short like he doesn't want to talk. I don't know if he's avoiding me because he actually does remember what happened (I had figured he wouldn't remember the next morning), or if he just needs his time. I'd like mainly guys opinions since they could tell me better what he's thinkin, but girls are welcome to chime in lol.
What's going on with him?
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