Why women play too hard to get?

I don't mind playing hard to get, I sort of like the mistery, but most girls play too hard to get with me, that I get to a point where I don't know where else to go. I always asked myself these questions: "Should I keep going, or should I just forget about her completely". Or "what is the point of approaching somebody even if I like her, if I am just going to get cold shouldered? and she isn't even given me a hint of interest?" is sort of frustrating, because I was thought never too bother any body and if she isn't interested, I don't want to be annoying you know.

As the result this has get me stuck in a sort of frustrating place, where approaching women isn't as fun as I thought it would be.


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  • The hilarious thing is, players are the ones that know how to get past all their sh*t.

    but the good guys will just not bother.

    • Yeah I know ehh how ironic and funny is that? I think partially a reason for that, is that they don't get attached to women, so they don't care wheter they are annoying or not you know? Its all about the p****, the numbers and that is it.When you care for somebody you are more careful of the things you say or do and more vulnerable against rejection or things like that you know? I guess if you truly care for somebody you want things to be happy and mellow, as corny as it sounds.

    • a good guy is gonna put himself out, fail the chicks little tests and try and chase when she starts to play hard to get.

      players do this sh*t all the time, it's like a job for them, they are called PLAYERS after all.

      whatever, the worthwhile ones give you a chance

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  • Guys are not trust worthy anymore so...Maybe she┬┤s just seeing how interested you are...Giving up may just prove her right about you want to play her...

    • whhat makes you think I want to play her, that is very rude you know that!

    • Um...that was mean of you.

      Why would you say something like that?

    • I not say that its wath you would do...Iam saying that if you give up she maid think that you were not as interested as you show to be...dam I wasn't trying to be rude! Far from me!

  • she's not hard to get if you go get her! we mostly play hard to get until we know your honest intentions, which will come out if we wait and see. at least that's how I think, I'm not trusting and very picky----two things I wish I could NOT be, but I know that's why I'm "hard to get". every woman is different.

  • different strokes for different folks. some girls just want the guy to try hard enough before they give in. it kind of makes them feel special. some others don't care about that. if they like you they just accept and if they don't, no matter how hard you try, it just won't work.

    having said I always tell guys to study a woman body language before you ask her out. her body language gives you the clue that she is interested in you so you make the move because if a girl isn't interested in you and you ask her out, no matter how much you try she would never accept except maybe later she finds something in you that she likes by chance.

    if she is giving you positive body language and she is says "NO" then that is when you say she is playing hard to get. it is then left for the guy to decide if he want to continue asking her out or give her up.

    • yeah but some women's body lengugaue is so haard to read! For instance I though this girl liked me, when in fact she didn't, also I am sure some liked me ( I mean I say it, because I find it very hard to believe only 3 women in my lifetime have liked me) but they are impossible to read.

    • read articles online on how to read body language. there are lots of them. if you can learn this, you would be able to tell who is playing with you emotions and who isnt. women actually are very complicated. you need to learn how to interact with them

  • If we don't the think were easy and don't want use .


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  • depends buddy some women are just stuck up they think they are better then others. best thing I would suggest for you is to do go with a group of friends that's basicly the best way to find out if they like you. usually ull see their reactions to you when you talk or what ever you guys are doing at the moment. usually you won't get cold shouldered there. that's my opinion atleast. Good luck keep the confidence up buddy

  • Dude, seriously, just ASK HER if she's interested. Stop being embarrassed about it. So what is she says no, then at least the frustration is over and you'll know why she's leading you on. If she doesn't want to admit she's leading you on, then that's her misfortune, not yours. NEVER turn down an opportunity to approach women, they're all different and when you find the right type, you'll never regret standing up for yourself, because inevitably it's what led you to find her.

    • naaah man I don't like wasting my time on something that is not going to go anywhere.

    • depends, straight up asking if she interested, while she doesn't even know, can blow your chances right out of the water.

  • Put it down to the rampant princess/entitlement complex many women have, especially in the West. You'd be wise to avoid women that expect to be chased and pandered to by men.


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