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My roommate's boyfriend was complimenting me?

So the other day on Skype, me and my roommate were talking to her boyfriend who goes to another college. Every once in a while he would compliment me and say that I had pretty hair or that I had a cute smile. At one point my roommate accidentally touched my foot with her foot, and her boyfriend joked "what are y'all doing? playing footsy?" and my roommate joked back that we were. he then said "I'm jealous...i want to play footsy with (my name)"

My roommate tells me that he's a very funny/joking kind of guy and that he's also very sensitive/caring...so part of me thinks that those compliments/jokes were just part of his personality. BUT I also think that he may just be trying to get on my good side so that I like him/approve of him.

What do y'all think?
My roommate's boyfriend was complimenting me?
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