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I think I will not say Hi or smile at her before she does it to me first, am I right?

OK here's the background of my situation:

I'm a guy 33 years old, and she looks like 25 or 26 years old.

We are working in same shopping mall but in a different store. We do not know each other, we don't really have a chance to have any conversation, YET., But we see each other almost every day. It’s been half year (I know its long) So that means I'm sure that she knows I am exist.

Shes a staff in a cosmetic store "Jill Stuart" (hope you know) as a sales, and I believe everyone in the mall agree that she is the most good looking lady in our shopping mall. She is Really Really Really attractive type. So that also means, she will not pay attention for “normal” guys.

I'm just some regular guy who works in a cross-border coach company, I sell bus tickets, and I also leads people to the coach from my store.

It takes about 30-40 foot steps away from me to her store. And I need to walk many many times a day across her store because of working or going to the main entrance of the mall. But she just work and stay inside her store.

I understand the attraction rules, I know much about eye contact games, I know how to improve and act my body language as a self confident guy. And I know these are very important to draw her attention and also, to attract her.

I usually act like I'm relax and walk a bit slowly in front of her, I walk straight, I stand straight with relax as confident, we have eye contact only a few times (because she needs to work so she’s not always looking outside from the window). last time, we have a chance staring at each other for 2-3 seconds, and she looks away first, but it was a quite long distance between us, you know we working inside a shopping mall, there’s store window, there are many peoples walking between our sight, and there’s many decoration and advertising thing between us, and that's weird ! I really hope for another better chance for our eye contact.

I do not think walking towards her and ask her anything is a good idea, but unfortunately, I have no idea how can I get her name (Jesus, this is a very beginning to get know each other and I believe we’ve got to know each other before the next steps.. that means, It has to be done)

So here’s are my concerns and questions:

1)I care if she has a boy friend, is there anyway that can tell without a word, like.. only by the eye contact or other possible ways?

2)I don’t know what else I can do, from my situation now is only trying to draw her attention and attraction before anything, and I don’t think there will be any dramatic opportunities for me, so do you girls have any ideas?

3)If there is a “next coming up chance” for our eye contact, I’m sure I will stay my sight until she looks away first! But, I think, I can’t do this every time right? Because IT IS awkward, but all I think is, never move the eye contact away before she does, what do you think?

4)I think I will not say Hi or smile at her before she does it to me first, am I right?

I think I will not say Hi or smile at her before she does it to me first, am I right?
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