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How can I make it happen??

OK so at my high school I have joined the ski/board club and tomorrow we are having practice. And there is this guy that I have been going to school with since kindergarten and he has liked me for probably that whole time.. LoL he has ADHD and not a lot of other people like him, like he gets bullied. (I hate when people do that. That's why I hang with him) anywho. I guy that I used to like is in the club and people always teased me. In a good way. And he knew. But now I don't anymore and I don't know if he wants to be friends anymore (ugh guys..) but the guy I like right now is in the club as well. And the guy that I liked is going to be hanging out with the guy that I like right now.. The guy that likes me keeps asking me if we are gonna hang with anyone else ( I told him we are gonna be hanging. ) and I say I don't know idc. LoL but this was before I know that the guy j like is in the club. And now I want to hang out with him. We don't talk that often, but I want to change that. ((( oh and he is in a grade older than me)))

Please help me with ideas of how to talk or hang out with him. And I AM SHY...

Thanks !(:
How can I make it happen??
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