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Why do some people respond better to disinterest/indifference?

I'm friends with this guy (let's call him Jason) and before winter break he and another friend of mine (we can call her Amy) got in a big fight. I did my best to stay out of it, so I was still friendly with both of them even though they were fighting.

Anyway, so I texted both of them over break a couple times, just to see what's up and wish them happy holidays, and Amy responded but Jason didn't. I though that was weird, but whatever.

Three weeks pass and we're back on campus. I'm pretty laid back, so I wasn't offended he didn't respond to me over break, I just took in stride. I try being friendly when I see him, I asked him how he was and everything, I even had a present for him, and he's still blowing me off. He's talking to Amy though, and I guess they resolved their issue.

Anyway, so I give up, because I don't like imposing myself on people if they don't want me talking to them, but right after that he starts being nice?

I don't get it. He wasn't smiling at me before, gave me short answers, and acted like he was mad at me (for what I have no idea), and now after I started not taking an interest in him, practically ignoring him, he wants to be friendly again? What's up with this? It's weird to me that when someone genuinely shows they care people aren't interested in them, but as soon as they can see they're losing your attention, they want it back.
Why do some people respond better to disinterest/indifference?
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