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Ex boyfriend is confusing me. Can someone help me?

HI, Me and my ex boyfriend broke up over a year and half ago. we were engaged then he called it off because his family did not approve of us getting married They loved me until he proposed. and stared problems between us. Th e issue is he has always lived at home. he went on ignoring me for months and months and comes back . I decide to try to call him after not hearing his voice for so long and asked him to please be straight with me. "Are you planing on coming back to me?" Because I need to start moving on with my life. He said Yes I am planing on getting back with you after February.I asked him why and he said when he get his place. Do yo think he is serious about this or trying to hurt me. He never texts me and then all a sudden at 2am I get a text with a picture of a rose and then today text me saying he love s me still. Should I wait ot go? I feel scare d that he could be playing with my feelings again. Like he has done so many times. We have been friends for 11 years. any help would d be great. by the way we are both 38.
Ex boyfriend is confusing me. Can someone help me?
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