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Is it true that milk is estrogenic?

in class me and my friends were talking about milk because there was this big muscle guy in our class room and my friends asked him if he drank a lot of milk and he said no I don't drink milk at all I said why milk is good for you and he said milk is estrogenic meaning if a guy drank to much milk they would get man boobs is this true and my friend asked me if it was true because he has had man boobs ever sense he was 14 he's 17 now and still has them he's been working out and got pecs and stuff but he said just around his nipple and stuff its all puffy an stickin out I told him not to worry about it because it was pro puberty but then the big guy said its because you drink to much milk and as for me I don't know if its true or not is it?
Is it true that milk is estrogenic?
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