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Is this fair for me to have these feelings?

Okay so around homecoming, which was like last October, I wanted to go with this girl but I was a little to chicken to ask her. I think she ended up going with someone else (not sure). But later on, my dad forced me to asked this other girl I knew from awhile back to homecoming. I sent her a message and she said she'd go but had other plans with her friends that Saturday (she'd already had her homecoming at a different school). She said we could go to winter formal. I said great. Now it's February and I've been trying to contact her to see if she still wanted to go but she never (and I mean never replies to any of my messages) meanwhile me and the girl I wanted to go to homecoming with talk almost everyday single day. I kinda have feelings for her now. Is that bad since I was suppose to go to winter formal with someone else even though she never replies to my messages. (BTW I can only talk to her via Facebook :/ since we don't have each others' phone numbers or go to the same school and the girl I talk to everyday and I have the same class together). I want to be fair and I don't want anyone's heart broken. But I really do like this girl and the one that said we'd go winter formal has not replied back to me. What could this mean? Is it wrong for me to have these feelings? What should I do?
Is this fair for me to have these feelings?
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