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Emotional dependency on my crush?

I've recently learned that I was VERY emotionally dependent on my crush, who is my very close best friend. At this point, I am trying to be dependent on myself and I haven't spoken to her in a while, fearing that I would never shake my emotional dependency from her. We did have something going on during the summer where we confessed our feelings to each other and wanted to be together. I explained to her what was happening and how I was being dependent and it made me wonder about a few things.

1) Because I am emotionally dependent on her, does that mean my feelings for her were true? Are my feelings for her genuine?

2) Should I start speaking to her and allow her to come back into my life? Should I be cautious if I do?

3) Should I try to pursue the relationship beyond being just friends after I get rid of this emotional dependency?
Emotional dependency on my crush?
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