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I love him and hate him at the same time!

So, I've already posted this question on Yahoo! Answers, but I haven't gotten very good answers. Maybe you guys can help.

Here's a little background, I go to a boarding school. Our houses have co-ed halls (not dorms, though, of course).

There's this guy (let's call him C) who lives in the dorm next to mine. C and his roommate are the definition of annoying. They always get in trouble and play pranks on everyone and flirt with every girl! Basically, they are the exact opposite of guys I like. Plus, C's parents are really rich so he has a credit card he's allowed to run up whenever he wants.

During winter break, my parents decided to go on a 2nd honeymoon so I was left in the school with about 60 other teens. C and I were the only students left in our house.

I teased him one day during winter break about how he always stayed in during the winter break. He got really mad and stormed away. He spent the next day holed up in his dorm.

I realized I had hit a nerve, so I went to his room the next day to apologize. I knocked on the door and he yelled in this really depressing voice, "It's open". I open the door and I see C looks really bad. His eyes are puffy and red and he looked kinda bad (he hadn't eaten the day before).

"I-I'm sorry" I told him. He said, "What for?" and I told him how I shouldn't have made that comment the other day, because it had clearly hit a nerve. It was silent for a while until he said this, "I haven't seen my parents in person for 3 years. They already have 2 other sons, so they don't need me. They've put up with me until 3 years ago, when they dumped me at this school. I stay here during the breaks, and during summer they send me to some preppy camp. That's why I'm always here." It was silent again.

I ended up apologizing again, and he told me not to.

A lot of things happened during the break and I thought we had bonded. We joked during the day and had serious discussions during the night. And he didn't hit on me like he did during the school year.

But then school started again and he instantly became the one I hated! Actually more than that, he started to ignore me. I tried to confront him about, but he just ignored me more!

What's worse is that I started to fall for him during the winter, and now that he's acting like an ass, I still like him!

Even worse, last night I had a dream that he kissed me - and I kissed back!

What should I do? Ignore him and my feelings, or do something else? Please help!
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If I did confront him, how would I do it? What would I say?
I love him and hate him at the same time!
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