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How to approach this girl?

I work out at a local Crossfit gym and there is this really cute girl that goes there. I had no idea she was single until I accidentally found her dating profile on PoF today. I've worked out with her in a group workout before and had some small talk with her, but that's it.

The thing is that I don't always see her at the gym, one week I might see her a couple times, the others week she might go to different classes so I might not see her to get a chance to chat with her. Now for the girls here if I were to message her on Plenty of Fish given the fact that I don't get to see her often at the gym would that be very uncool? I ask because I've heard girls say "well why doesn't he just say hi to me in person instead of online". Not sure if just waiting to see her is a better idea.
How to approach this girl?
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