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What did his hug mean?

Most of the story is here I had an issue before... look for the question what should I do he is in eighth I am in seventh under behavior ...well anyhow...he did come home this weekend and was spending the night with emma. She told me then he was going to be here later that night. He showed up...while we were hugging that night he told me that he missed me and asked me how school was going. The next morning all was good then he arrived and while I was sitting singing he put his arms on my shoulders. He didn't do anything like before but after church we were hanging out in the yard then one of the others boys asked for a hug...later he asked...I hugged both Because both were friends buy his was WAY longer...I felt like everything just slipped away when I hugged him..! We were chillin and talking when he told me then he was aiming to come back to school midday the 26th...which is the date and time I leave for two weeks...but I didn't tell him that. Later he told me he can't wait to see me in two weeks but in all actuality it's a month...I fell bad that I didn't tell him this but I didn't want to break his heart. I looked on his Facebook wall a little later and noticed that it said things like I was found dead on the side of the road...life sucks...and it pisses me off that people don't know what love is...Then I looked at the times...almost the last time I talked to him earlier...what should I do...and what do you think that hug meant!?!?!? Soon please!
What did his hug mean?
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