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One year after breakup - Can I/Should I try and work things out with an ex girlfriend if we're friends now?

My ex and I dated for a little over a year from February of 010 to February of 011 and we were each others' first loves. We are now both juniors in high school.

The breakup was mostly my fault because I acted like a douchebag. After the breakup, it was her turn to act like a douchebag and basically go out of her way to be flat out rude to me. We didn't even talk for 6 months after the breakup.

I gave her a card for Christmas and we talked in her house for about half an hour. It was the first time since the breakup that we talked in person. afterward, I felt encouraged to ask her to be friends again.

She basically completely blew me off, which came as a total surprise because we just had a nice conversation in her house. I admit I got really pissed at her for treating me this way, because even though I kinda deserve it after the way I treated her, you'd think she would grow up a little?

However, a couple days after this, she emailed me an apology. She said that she felt super guilty for the way she was treating me and she knew how bad I felt for what I did to her. The reason she treated me like crap for so long was because she wanted me to think that she was just a moron and forget about her. However, it didn't work and now she just feels bad.

She said that as long as I kept things at a FRIEND level for now, she thought that I was a great guy and she would love to be my friend, hang out with me a bit, and drive me to school every day once her six months wear off in a few weeks.

I told her that she would have to accept the fact that 1) I have feelings for her and 2) I still have hope that we can work things out in the future.

She said that the future was a mystery and that anything could happen, but as of right now she felt like neither of us could handle another breakup and she doesn't want to repeat what happened before. I said that I understood.

My question now is, can you ever get back with an ex girlfriend by being friends? I've heard all the reasons why its a bad idea to be her friend after the breakup, but this was a YEAR ago. I feel like we've moved on from that super awkward position and we can move forward now.

Btw, I am not depressed or desperate over this. My life is going great and I keep myself busy with sports, clubs, and other friends (including girls!).

Thanks for anyone who helps!

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she also said in her apology that she completely forgave me from what I did before, even though she didn't think we could make things work out again
One year after breakup - Can I/Should I try and work things out with an ex girlfriend if we're friends now?
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