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Which way should I ask out my crush?

Okay so I've been texting my crush for around 2 weeks and I finally decided that it's time to ask her out. I have 3 options.

The first is a simple walk up go her front door and ask her if she would like to go out with me. I know that it doesn't seem very romantic but I realize that some girls just prefer simpler "proposals".

The second is a "cheesy" one. So I freeze a couple of fake flowers in a bowl of water and leave the frozen block of ice on her porch with a hammer. I knock on her door or text her if she takes too long and I hide. After she walks out, cracks the block and retrieves the flowers, I come out and go," Now that the ice is broken, would you like to go on a date with me?" I saw it in a movie and have wanted to try it since.

The last and most over the top, is a musical proposal. So I'm the lead vocalist for my band. We play acoustically so we can play anywhere and at any time. My plan is to roll up in my friend/band members pickup and walk up to her house. After using a minute to set up I call her outside. The song I've chosen is "I'm In" by Keith Urban. When she walks out, we start playing. After the first chorus, the band will play instrumentally as I hand her a rose and ask her out.

Which one should I use? And should I make any changes to it?
Plain and simple.
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Which way should I ask out my crush?
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