Should I write a short note or leave my number? Help please. I only have 30 minutes...

So this girl who lives in the same university residence as me and is also an aquaintance of mine were flirting and it was going well, but she had to leave because she was going to gym with her friend. she left her keys at reception where I was working, but I my shift will be over by the time she comes back. I hardly see her because she is in a different year to me and in different social circles.

My question is whether I should write a small note ( and what should the contents should be) or leave my number so she can collect it with her key.

Ok. I've decided to write short note making my interest loud and clear.I left my # Too I'll get her number next time I see her . thanks for all the answers. wish me luck, she really is a good woman for me


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  • Leave a note, girls love that!

    • but what should it say. I don't wanna come off as creepy or desperate

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  • You could leave a note saying something with:

    I think you forgot your key :) If you want to meet sometime give me a call - *insert your name and number*

    - Good luck! :)

  • Maybe you should just leave your number with it and if you want to write a little somthing then go for it, but is there anyway you can give it to her personally? That would be the best

    • thanks. I would also prefer to ask her out face to face, but the thing is a never see he but when I do there is always something there. I just don't wanna miss the oppertunity

    • Well don't miss it this time ;) leave your number and let's see what she does, good luck!

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  • Personally every time I've tried writing a note like that to a girl I just met for whatever reason it NEVER worked out haha. but I could have the wrong approach. If you are confident that you two had a bit of a connection when you two were talking then it may work.

    Just say something short and simple. Not too flirty. And make sure you're hand writing isn't sloppy. Try to avoid anything corny otherwise it might be a little awkward for her and she won't contact you back. But yeah man, if the flirting was going well then go for it.