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He walks away making me look like the bad person..

I was or am in love with him but.. he dumped me for "cheating" Which I wasn't... I was hanging out with friends..

He had a bad history of cheating and I still loved him and vice versa.. But anyway.. he dumped me and said he needed time to heal but wants to be friends and stay in contact.. Its too hard for me.. I can't stand hearing about the girls he bumps into or meets and his partying.. But he claims its all apart of the healing of his broken heart and when the time is right well get back together..

But when I don't answer the phone , he calls back like 10 times and then texts.. and asks if I'm out on a date? and says that every time I do that I'm just pushing him away..

I had caught in lies when we were together.. why doesn't he give me credit for putting up with that crap ?

What am I supposed to do? I want to be happy and enjoy life too but I feel like I'm still being controlled...

Ive been wishy washy myself.. I act cool with it all but then I cry and get angry at him and tell him to give me my space ..but then I miss him..

I just feel like he wants ti best of both worlds.. and wrote me a drunk text saying:

"Why do you or anyone else still love me? I'm a liar. I have a history of cheating. I ve played with many hearts. I'm sick of me." then.. 2 hours later.." Wish you were here"

Ive asked the SAME question MYSELF.. in the past..

I want to be there for him but its hard.. so He wants to hang out when its convenient for him.. I figured if WE were of importance then he would hang and talk to me first before going out getting drunk "To Heal".. but he swears he loves me but acts like it doesn't matter when we are on the phone but then he gets jealous?

He got me mad last night so I wrote him: "I don't need to be friends with a liar like you.. you lied and cheated on your ex fiance, you lie to your family.. the priest. you cheat your friends out of money.. I don't understand why people take your shit lies? Its because they NEVER find out..All of this will kick you in the ass" etc etc..

Was that F#%$#@ up to say? Was I wrong?

He wrote back: WOW. You threw that in my face? F OFF AND LEAVE ME ALONE"

Now I look like the bad person :( I'm pissed!
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ok..soo.. Its def over.. We hung out this past weekend and I found text messages on his phone from girls (FYI: He asked me,along with my son of course, to move with him to another city while he went to school..)Well he went crazy...
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and.. almost threw me out of his car on the freeway..JUST to get his cell phone back.. I punched and kicked him in face and got away.I made a police report already.. and crazy part is that He posted that I was a psycho ex on his MySpace?! So happy
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its finally over... but sad that I was stupid enough to let get to bruises .. but what can I do now.. but just Move On.. and stay away from him..
He walks away making me look like the bad person..
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