Do guys like to be complimented?

my boyfriend will sometimes put himself down, saying he's not smart or something, but I know that he is very smart so I'll say, sort of jokingly but I really do mean it, that he's smart and he'll kick ass on his test or homework or whatever. do guys like it if their girlfriend compliments them or would they rather she just shut up? I just want my boyfriend to feel good about himself because I think he's really smart and can do anything he wants.


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  • If he is putting himself down he is probably looking for you to compliment him. Otherwise he would just keep it to himself.

  • Well... Yes, guys do like that, but if he keeps pushing it back off a bit and be more playful, just be like, if you can guess what number I am thinking I will give you a kiss, then just keep going until he guesses the right one


    • Lol I like that especially since I really like kissing my b .. and moref! :)

    • Haha, then do it, it will take his mind off things if he is sad :P

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