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Is approaching a girl from Facebook very bad?

I made this long because I wanted it to be both an answer, a story and a discussion, so feel free to skip paragraphs if you get bored - but still, I'd like to hear your opinion!

After I broke up with my ex 8 months ago, I can't say my dating life is very exciting. The only thing that happened was that I made out with a 17 year old girl that liked me -I'm 20 by the way, don't worry it's legal in my country, and we only kissed- and after that, nothing. Since I'm coming from a tough break-up, and while I'm in love with a girl (poor me, she has a boyfriend), I think it's better to mostly fool around until I find a suitable girl I can trust again that won't turn my sensitivity against me.

Anyway, enough ranting. I can be a very confident guy with girls, and I worked a lot to get to that point since I used to be very shy, and usually girls like me, either as a companion or as guy. But it only happens when I get an excuse to meet the girl, like through a friend group or if I have to talk to her at work. I just CAN'T approach a stranger out, especially when she is with a group of friends!

While I'm a computer guru -not a geek, I just like computers- with an interesting social life, I despise talking to girls using technology, at least for approaching them. I prefer a confident face-to-face approach, since it communicates a lot more. So far I never talked to a girl through Facebook chat, but I might have to break the habit.

So here's the story: yesterday, I was with my best friend and his girlfriend outside for a drink. They both kind of scolded me that I need to finally meet another girl, so as I was about to give them the 'whatever' face, I noticed that cute, sweet girl...OK, she is gorgeous to my eyes! She was petite, beautiful and had this awesome kind of hair where on the one side she had a ponytail lying on her shoulder and her hair seemed shorter on the other side. I love it! Of course, she was with a HUGE group of friends, boys included, so no approach, fellas. But I liked her so much that I'd like a chance with her, yet I don't know if I'll see her again. The bar that we were at has a photographer who takes pictures of groups and posts them on Facebook. Maybe I can find her that way if she tags herself and talk to her.

So, here's the deal. What do you think of this kind of approach as a last ditch effort for a shy person? I mean, it seems better than nothing! Do you think a girl might still get interested in you, or will the fact that you searched for her scare her away? All in all...

Should I talk to her?
Is approaching a girl from Facebook very bad?
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