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We act like were together but I have a boyfriend & he has a girlfriend. Should I tell him to choose ?

We met during spring break. His mom's house is 2 doors down from my daddy's house.We both are in that situation where we stay over there during weekends or during breaks from school.Anyway, when we first met he admitted that he thought I was a cool person and really cute, but he did make it clear that he had a girlfriend, at the time I was single. Time pasted and I added him on fb. Come to find out he went to middle school with my best friend and some other friends that I went to elementary school with. Everyday he would chat/ inbox me. We would talk to each other for a long time. Then one day he asked me for my number and I gave it to him. He only called me once, but when we were on the phone he told me that his girlfriend cheated on him by kissing another dude (I think more than once). He said she broke his heart and he couldn't trust her anymore. They broke up and then one night we were chatting again. He told me he had a crush on me and that he felt safe being around me and that he thought I was a cool person. He said every time he hugged or saw me he wanted to kiss me & one day he was gonna kiss me & then run so I won't hit him. We chatted for about an hour & a half. We both started going over our parents houses more often on the weekends & every time we chatted he would bring up the kiss. His little brother was close friends with my little brothers so it was convenient for us to hang together. We would be outside and he would always try to showoff his bball skills show how cool he was. Him & his girlfriend were breaking up and getting back together on & off for a LONG time. I was confused on whyhe would let her break his heart over & over again. To this day it hurts me seeing him get hurt. In April I got a new boyfriend but we don't see each other or talk because he doesn't have his phone anymore. Tym (the guy) found out about my boyfriend and he always said he was gonna take his place. I thought he was joking but he was serious. Recently me & Tym had not talked in 2 weeks. Then when I was over my dad's house he texted me & wanted to see me. Him & his girlfriend were back together, again before this happened. It was me, Tym & his brother outside and Tym said he had a secret to tell me about his brother.Next thing I kno he kissed me on the lips and ran jus like he said he was gonna do. He left and said we were gonna talk about it. We did, & he told me he wanted to kiss me for a long time. I told him I was shocked & that he shouldn't hav done it because he has a girlfriend. He said he didn't care about the relationship & that he didn't feel guilty because they were having problems again with trust. But he said he won't breakup with her Because he has feelings for her.He said what happens with us stays with us. The next day he sent me a text sayin he wanted me to come outside, so I did.The whole time he was actin like were together but were not. He tickled me poked me & held me. He always jokes around with people sayin were together & they believe him. What should I do? What am I to him? Is this wrong?
We act like were together but I have a boyfriend & he has a girlfriend. Should I tell him to choose ?
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