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As time Marches on...

I do not feel as though I am going anywhere. I go out with friends, family, I meet new people. People in happy relationships, wives, husbands, bf/gf. I’ve been the wingman, consultant, best friend, and best man. Though as I am all these roles, I’m always the one who ends up alone at the end of the night.

Now there was a time where I was perfectly happy with being alone, but now I’m nearing 30 and I’ve no experience with women. This includes: dating, sexual intercourse, flirting, you name it. I’m starting to feel like I’m missing out, I’m no longer feeling happy, all these wonderful times are happening and I’m part of them, but I’m not enjoying them. My mind keeps racing back to the fact that no one is there enjoying the time with me. I’m starting to get the eyes at family functions too. They look at me and wonder why in the world I’m still single, and of course they’re more than willing to remind me of it.

I just feel like I’m alone in this endeavor as any help I try to get from my friends. Well it seems as though they want to run away, they don’t have any clues or they just simply don’t want to be MY wingman when needed or even consult me. When I confront them on this they just go I don’t know man, or they tell me enjoy it, as they smile and walk away with their arms wrapped around their lover, (so aggravating). Hell any time I even breath a mention of looking at another gal within the same town as my parents I get a phone call or the google eyes from my mother as she goes yea yea get on that go go go, she’s even been as blunt as to ask me if I need to have some girl make me sniff it (yea I know right wtf!?) I ignore it, but those types of comments really hurt.

At any rate I’m not a bad looking guy, I work steadily; I do go to functions, shows, concerts. I do hang out with people on the weekends. I guess I’m just missing the big picture or fate has dealt me a hand that I’m required to play without someone in my life, at this point I’m just not sure what to think anymore. I’ve lost a lot of weight and sleep over this and I’m tired of it.

Give me your opinions; let me know what you think and what you recommend. Put yourself in my shoes and then comment. I appreciate it.

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I do meet new people, I try to talk but when I don't really know how to approach I start the conversations without any idea of where I'm going with them. I feel stupid afterward because I don't want to come across as desperate and immedatly say will you date me? I have no clue with women I'm not sure what to say really. I just talk to them normally but I never end up getting into that want to date subject.

I end up focusing so hard on not acting like a goofball that I never reach my goal.
As time Marches on...
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